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Disposable Electronic Cigar

With the look and feel of a real cigar, this electronic cigar will give you a smoke-free way to enjoy a cigar. It lasts for approximately 1800-2000 puffs. Available in Dominican Republic Tobacco flavor, and comes in a High (24mg) strength.

LED on tip lights up when you puff.

For those times when you'd like to enjoy a cigar, but smoking isn't allowed

Puff on the disposable electronic cigar when you want the taste and satisfaction of a cigar but don't want to offend or when cigar smoking is not allowed. It produces no flame, no smoke, no tar.

When you wish to smoke, simply inhale to activate the electronic technology that will vaporize the liquid inside the electronic cigar. This also activates the red LED tip so you know it is working.

This e-cigar lasts for approximately 1800-2000 puffs. Use it as much or as little as you wish, then set it aside for your next use. The flavor is best when consumed within two weeks of opening. When no more vapor is released from the cigar, simply dispose of the cigar.

Active Ingredient: Nicotine 24 mg/ml
Other constituents: Tobacco flavoring, Water and Propylene Glycol.

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Electronic Cigar ($24.95)



90 Day Money Back Guarantee (less shipping/handling)

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Gamucci is intended for use by adults and not intended for women who are pregnant or nursing
or those who are sensitive to nicotine. Nicotine is highly addictive.
Gamucci is not intended as a smoking cessation device.
Gamucci is simply an alternative to traditional smoking.

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